I’ve played ’em all. The seedy bars, and the college open mic nights; the wedding receptions, and the private parties; the patios, and the ballrooms.

If you’re the booking manager at a music venue interested in original live music acts, I can get you the information you need so that we can promote a show together. Contact me through your medium of choice, and I’ll put on a show to entertain your loyal patrons as well as rally my troops so that they come along too.

If you’re looking for some live music at your next private event, just drop me a line. Tell me about your event and what type of music you’d like to hear. I’ve learned a lot of covers over the years and can entertain just about any crowd. Rates change based on where your shindig is located, how long you’d like me to play, and whether or not you want a full band or an acoustic show.

Can’t wait!

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